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      I was a Broadway actor and former B-17 bomber pilot for the 8th Air Force in World War II.After the war, I returned to the profession of acting but was profoundly affected by the part I had played in the destruction. My elder brother had been killed in the invasion of Salerno, Italy. Following the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, I knew I had to act for world peace. The question was how? The Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union had begun. Germany had been split in two. Already there was talk of World War III.

      Einstein publicly proposed a world government as essential to world peace and human survival. The Anatomy of Peace by Emery Reves, a 1945 runaway best seller, also advocated a world government as the only alternative to international wars. My mission was becoming clear.

      I left show business to work for the United World Federalists but felt its program defective to the issue of world war. Nations, I protested could not unite by definition. Moreover only humans created government. If world government was needed, only humans adding world citizenship to their lesser allegiances could evolve a world government. The United Nations, I claimed, was only an extension of the League of Nations, which blew up in World War II.

       I left the United States in 1948, renounced my nationality in the US Embassy in Paris and declared myself a "citizen of the world." From that date to this, I am stateless. This act led to the world citizenship movement, which spread rapidly throughout the world. January 1, 1949 I called for everyone agreeing with world citizenship to register at the International Registry of World Citizens we founded in Paris.

      Five years later, over a million individuals from over 150 countries had registered. With this popular mandate along with certain articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights*, on September 4, 1953, I proclaimed the World Government of World Citizens from the City Hall of Ellsworth, ME.

       The administrative organ of the new government, the World Service Authority, was founded in 1954 in New York. It began the issuance of global identity documents based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It functions today from Washington, DC and Tokyo.

      I traveled to India in 1956 invited by Nataraja Guru of Bangalore to study Advaita Vedanta, the ancient wisdom-science. The result was a branch science, "geo-dialectics," for which I received my MA from the East-West University of Brahma Vidya.

      My association with the eminent cybernetician Stafford Beer in 1988 culminated in the "World Syntegrity Project," an application of system science to the problem of evolving a dynamic world constitution for the fledgling government based on Buckminster Fuller's geodesic dome structure.

       A trip to the Middle East in 1976 where, in Jerusalem, I declared all holy sites "world territory under the protection of the World Government," resulted in the booklet: A World Citizen in the Holy Land

      I have authored four books: My Country Is The World, World Government, Ready or Not!, Passport to Freedom, A Guide for World Citizens, and the most recent, Dear World, A Global Odyssey. The second and fourth are now available on line at the World Service Authority catalog as well as from this site. In order to gather these and relevant publications together on this extraordinary internet medium for public approval which, in its own universality meets the holistic criteria of our subject I was propelled into the publishing field. Coming are speeches, "Letters to World Citizens," letters to nation-state officials from the World Service Authority defending human rights, articles on world law by its president, David Gallup, other important works such as Emery Reves Anatomy of Peace, which merits reprinting, Rufus King Jr.'s 1943 pioneering work Individual Secession Into the World Community, all to be part of this new one world publishing house.

*"The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government."
-- Article 21(3), UDHR.

Garry Davis

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